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Andrew is an experienced potter and teacher who hails from the Washington, DC area. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Ceramics from Wittenberg University (Springfield, OH), he continued his education in Whitehall, Michigan where Andrew spent another year apprenticing under Master Potter, Peter Johnson. In 2010 Andrew opened A.N.G. Pottery - a boutique functional ceramic classroom, studio, and gallery in downtown Baltimore, MD (Fells Point).

Thus far, his ceramics career has been devoted mostly teaching beginner-intermediate students with a passion for clay. Andrew’s personal work and commissions have a whimsical flare and an affinity for the eccentric. All of the artist’s work is food, dishwasher, and microwave-safe. While his early career focused on functional pieces of gas fired porcelain and stoneware with high fire reduction glazes, his modern work consists of large and small functional cone 6 mid-fire stoneware.

When available, Andrew loves entertaining custom orders that have strong meaning or a focused purpose. All pieces found in Andrew’s physical gallery and online gallery are for sale and, if out of stock, can be reproduced in a matter of months with custom glaze options. The artist’s work can be packaged and shipped to any location.

Feel free to contact via e-mail (ANGpottery@gmail.com) or by phone (443.902.0030) for any requests regarding custom orders, or for questions about classes.